Our Core Values

1 – The Word of God is the basis for our beliefs and behavior.
2 – Character is more important than gifts and talents.
3 – We gain by using ministry to build people, not using people to build ministry (add value to others).
4 – God leads us in practical steps, not “leaps of faith.”
5 – Leadings of the Holy Spirit must be examined/judged in the light of the written Word of God.
6 – We must take responsibility when we are/do wrong.
7 – We must stay inside the boundaries of the office to which we are called.
8 – That which is best for the Body is best for the individual.
9 – We always will be willing to change our methods if it means improving our ability.
10 – Respect the authority and dignity of others even when you may not agree with them.
11 – We must be willing to sacrifice good decisions in order to make the best decisions.
12 – We must make a commitment to personal growth.


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