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i’m moving out !!!! I love my mannersandmars blog but i have grown into this person that isn’t so much…. looking forward to my getting comfortable in my new home, and i hope you will join me there…. I’m still adding and changing so i hope we can connect there just as we have here !! 

Love and Peace 

❤ Amanda 


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I wanted to take a moment and say thank you and welcome, to those who have taken a minute (or two) and followed and liked my blog or blog posts. It means more to me than I could say in type. This blog has got me through a lot of times, and I’m hoping to make it even bigger and better for you.

What would you like to see in the future? What don’t you want to see? 

I’ve added some more menus and links on the right feel free to check them out.

Praying you have a blessed week.

Looking forward to your feedback !! 


Psalms 4: 6-7 
 Many, Lord, are asking, “Who will bring us prosperity?”
Let the light of your face shine on us.

Fill my heart with joy
when their grain and new wine abound.
In peace I will lie down and sleep,
for you alone, Lord,
make me dwell in safety.


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how we got here

May 18, 2001 my husband (Steven) 1st boyfriend, and I went on our first date. It was a pretty simple being that times were simple then. We went to Ponderosa, I didn’t eat but one plate, because I was nervous as all get out. {Ponderosa is my husbands ‘go-to’ restaurant in present day.}

We broke-up a year later.

June 2004, I graduated high school, and started Cosmetology school 11 days later. Cosmetology school went really fast, I worked two jobs and came home as much as I could. Especially when I needed to do laundry, the ‘laundry mat’ wasn’t my favorite place in the city. Steven and I continued to talk as much as we could, I knew he still liked me but wasn’t really sold I wanted to be with anyone at the time.

June 2005, I graduated Cosmetology school and moved back in to my parents house. Knowing it would be temporary I hurried up and landed a job in my field and a second part-time job working at a local convenience store, {Sheetz}. I worked everyday most weeks. But found myself hanging out with friends in my spare time, and Steven ended up being one of those friends.

He was enlisted to leave for the Navy Basic Training the next spring. We both wanted some freedom, and lets face it living with your parent’s and kid sibling isn’t the best deal when your an adult on your own schedule. July 19, 2005 we moved in to an apartment in a small town about 40 minutes from home. {Keep in mind we did this as friends.} Knowing that he as going to the Navy in months I knew that I needed to figure out how to pay for the apartment and be a big girl on my own, that’s what we did.

However, that’s not what ended up happening. Before Steven left for the Navy he asked me to marry him, yes marry, I was rolling around the idea that I may like/love him and was in some strange form of denial. And he asked me to marry him… I said Yes ! We told my parents right away, my dad wanted to know how many people we were going to invite to the wedding right away. LOL. When we told Steven’s parents, his Dad wanted to know if I was going to color my hair before the wedding. (It was a chilly red, yes that’s what I color tube at the salon I worked at said). I said that I was in fact planning on getting married with somewhat more of a natural looking color.

We sold Steven’s truck and planned a wedding in 6 short weeks. This included my mom making ALL the dresses. She’s good !




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28 Days to 28 Years (Day 3)

Saturdays are so unpredictable in this house. Okay, what am I saying… Everyday in this house is unpredictable. But today was particularly off the wall. Picture being everywhere and nowhere at the same time and that was today.

So for today’s post I’m simply going to share a few lessons and tidbits of my day via pictures. 🙂








Happy Saturday Everyone !!

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Babies, Babies, Babies !!

Everyone is having babies !! Which I love, cause that means I get to make, shop and love these new tiny humans !

Upon a relative and friends request, I got my diaper cake skills back out of hiding. And I’m so thankful. I remembered why I love doing things like this… Tiny diapers, and cute, soft cuddly fabric are awesome !!

This cake had a special request to include the baby’s name on the cake. I was up to the challenge !


Adorable !!! “Kaylynn” Is actually part of the all pink blanket so she can have alittle something that’s hers for as long as she wants, and Elizabeth is just pinned on !




Thinking ahead I included a sippy cup. It’s a sad but true fact baby’s grow too fast !



This is the most decorated cake I’ve done to date and I love it !


In all this diaper cake includes:

Baby Lotion
Pink Bottle
Pink Onsie
Princess Bib
Pink Bath Puppet
Pink Sippy
Pink Rubber Ducky


I absolutely love it and hope Mom and Dad do too ! I can’t wait to do more very soon and would even be whiling to do in bulk or for special order on an as needed basis.
See the contact or inventory page(s) to place you order, ask questions or suggest an edit !



Above are my very first two diaper cakes I did for a girlfriend who had twins. I can’t believe they will be three in just a few months.

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Happy Halloween

As a child I enjoyed Halloween. My sister and I would often pick and make or help our Mom create our costumes for ‘trick-or-treating.’

As Mom, of a practically 2 year old, October went extremely fast, because it seemed like yesterday I was browsing the shelves at Wal-Mart wondering what we should dress Emmett in this year. That was really 3 weeks ago, but anyway. I came across a pirate much like this one. Being that he’s only two they didn’t have one in his size and I (knowing how to sew) wasn’t about to go to a costume store to purchase something that he would wear one day this year. I thought I could pull something together.

Three weeks later…..

I totally forgot that we were even going trick-or-treating (we skipped last year). So before church on Sunday, as I was coaching Emmett to brush his teeth, I cut out his vest, colored strips on a white shirt and cut pirate into some warm black pants.

The vest came from an old tee shirt with an advertisement on it, and the white shirt was about to be in the too small box, and the pants were purchase from Goodwill for the purpose of cutting them off. DSCN6405

The eye patch was Mommy’s eye liner. With his sensitive skin I didn’t want to chance being allergic to face paint, and I knew it would come off with Baby Shampoo or eye make-up remover. (And yes he’s crying). We had a little disagreement about our photoshoot and this was the best I got with the camera.


I got a cute one off my phone though 🙂 ^

We also decorated our pumpkins (kid-friendly) this year. It was just Emmett and I because all the days we had planned some time out to do the big carving (mess)….Something came up and Emmett’s too little for me to take on guts and seeds alone so we did fun paint and markers.


He enjoyed drawing on his pumpkin !!


And got himself on the forehead, I thought it added to his costume so it stayed for the day !

DSCN6384  Good Job Emmett !!

DSCN6382 DSCN6386 Mommy Went Easy this year too!

DSCN6392 TaDa !!! DSCN6413

Treat-or-Treating must of been hard work !!! (I made him carry his bag,) which he didn’t understand till about the 4th house. How many houses did we go to you ask? Four.

I’m thinking by almost 3 he will be more into a bag full of candy. Maybe even decide what he wants to be ?

How did you celebrate Halloween ?

PUMKIN 2012 PUMKIN 2012-2

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23 Months Ago

I find myself celebrating life today. Not only was today Friday, it also marked 23 months since our Emmett was brought into this world. Even when he was stubborn and wanted to change his mind in the middle of a unstoppable process, we still loved him greatly.


It has truly been the fastest 23 months of my life. And I’m totally not ready to be the proud Mother of a Two-Year-Old.

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A Beautiful Fall Day

Today was such a perfect weather day. Emmett and I enjoyed some time at the local park with some friends. Check out our fun. DSCN5960





Emmett wasn’t too keen on going down the slide himself, but sure had fun. And even though he was exhausted, still thinks he doesn’t need to nap.

Oh my, what it’s like to be (almost) two!

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Good Afternoon:

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite sometime, but have had several computer issues and I’m still working through some of them. Finally I’ve added an inventory link on this blog. For now it’s just pictures. I will add more as the time goes on.

I love crafting and hope you enjoy my products.

The stock we have for now includes:

  • Placemats
  • Cloth Books
  • Baby Burp Cloths
  • Baby Hats
  • Small Purses
  • Rice Sacs
  • Kitchen Dish Cloths
  • Hats, scarfs, & slippers for winter wear
  • Children and Adult Aprons
  • Christmas Decor
  • Baby Bibs and Wash Cloths

You can like my Amanda’s Homemade Commodities page on Facebook. There are more pictures and descriptions there as well.

If you are interested in special ordering products or getting a stocked item shipped please order via email:

I just wanted to share the addition. Now I’m off to keep at it.

Have a blessed day !

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You just finished the most amazing meal you’ve ever tasted, debating on if you should dare to order the overly priced cheesecake. Just as you dismissed the thought of spending more of your amazing boyfriend’s money, bam, a piece is delivered right to you. Your boyfriend arranged for it while you were in the restroom.

Upon your first poke of the fork, clink, a ring falls onto your plate. He did the unthinkable and had a ring placed in your food. Followed by the most romantic proposal you could of ever dreamed up. You ended the night feeling like a princess.


Now that isn’t how it goes for all women, the most romantic proposal is few and far between. I myself had a slightly less romantic proposal, that’s another post in itself (NOT)! So I wanted to give some tips for those guys looking for the perfect ring, perfect time, and perfect story to create.


Please refer to this picture for help with names of the cuts, I know it can be confusing.

Now let’s start with consulting your special girl, 61%?? OMG! That’s Way Too Many Guys! Please consider being romantic and original in your choosing and take this quiz instead of simply asking.

What does your diamond say about your engagement, you ask? It’s a huge question and these slides will help you choose what’s best for your special lady.

A few of you are going to want to know more about the popular princess cut, don’t be ashamed of doing a little research. It’s romantic in itself.

And please come up with plan, don’t just wait for a moment, Create It! It will set the tone for the rest of your relationship. If your not sure where to start this article is a great place to launch your thoughts.

I want to hear your stories !! Comment on how your man proposed, or how you are planning on proposing in the future!

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