Present Day Adventures = {PDA}

This week has gone extremely fast. My husband and I actually had a little disagreement about how many days there are until my birthday. I was thinking I had more time, so sadly, he won. Doesn’t yesterday feel like Friday ?? Just me. Okay…

Maybe it was because Steven stayed home from work Sunday. He desired some extra Emmett time.

I had some work to do in the basement and this is what I came up to. I couldn’t resist the photo.

I knew with the upcoming weather change if we wanted any safe outside time that Monday was the best day. Emmett enjoyed sledding in 30 degree weather and I enjoyed the workout of pulling him up and down the hill.

Since the cold, as promised, showed up we baked on Tuesday. Emmett was pretty good at helping with the ingredients. Recipe to be shared later this week. {My moms ‘ol with a spice of my own touch} 🙂

As a SAHM (and everyone out there knows this) sometimes it’s easy to let ourselves go. By this I mean: getting dressed means putting a bra on and new comfy pants and pulling your hair up on top of your head in a gum band. It’s not that hard to fall into this rut.

Lately I’ve been thinking I wouldn’t be attracted to myself if I were my husband…So (I know it’s not much), I decided to put a little effort and spin on my look for when the hubby’s coming home from work.

Yes it’s a simple pony-twitted to the side with a clip. But it has inspired a somewhat nicer {simple} up do look for in public. {this picture has no justice either}

Easiest frozen treat ever. Apply whipped cream to half of a gram cracker place the other half on top and place in a sealed container in the freezer. Quick, yummy & (if you use the right ingredients) healthy. My boys love them.

Finally today we went on a family date, out to lunch and grocery shopping. Steven and I voted (he won) we weren’t on a time schedule to get out the door. So before leaving I was able to cut both of their hair, and straighten mine. It takes awhile. But I’m pleased to see how well the cut (by yours truly) still looks and it might actually be growing this month.

Only 9 more months until my sisters wedding… In which my hair must be long to be beautifully done up.

Thanks for stopping by today. Until next time.



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