You just finished the most amazing meal you’ve ever tasted, debating on if you should dare to order the overly priced cheesecake. Just as you dismissed the thought of spending more of your amazing boyfriend’s money, bam, a piece is delivered right to you. Your boyfriend arranged for it while you were in the restroom.

Upon your first poke of the fork, clink, a ring falls onto your plate. He did the unthinkable and had a ring placed in your food. Followed by the most romantic proposal you could of ever dreamed up. You ended the night feeling like a princess.


Now that isn’t how it goes for all women, the most romantic proposal is few and far between. I myself had a slightly less romantic proposal, that’s another post in itself (NOT)! So I wanted to give some tips for those guys looking for the perfect ring, perfect time, and perfect story to create.


Please refer to this picture for help with names of the cuts, I know it can be confusing.

Now let’s start with consulting your special girl, 61%?? OMG! That’s Way Too Many Guys! Please consider being romantic and original in your choosing and take this quiz instead of simply asking.

What does your diamond say about your engagement, you ask? It’s a huge question and these slides will help you choose what’s best for your special lady.

A few of you are going to want to know more about the popular princess cut, don’t be ashamed of doing a little research. It’s romantic in itself.

And please come up with plan, don’t just wait for a moment, Create It! It will set the tone for the rest of your relationship. If your not sure where to start this article is a great place to launch your thoughts.

I want to hear your stories !! Comment on how your man proposed, or how you are planning on proposing in the future!

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