Thinking Ahead

Summer is winding down and we are thinking ahead to fall and winter. Garden vegetables are the best for freezing.

Our green pepper plants did not do as well as I had hoped this year, so I actually purchased some from a local greenhouse.


Simply cutting and bagging green peppers is good for fast cooking, or you can stuff and freeze for a quick crock pot meal on a busy day.
Since it was the end of our garden season I took some a made a huge batch of chili for freezing with some fresh tomatoes.


Another idea for make ahead quick meal is waffles. Something my mom used to do for us in high school.

I look forward to making more ahead just to save time in this busy world we live in.

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Celebrating The Coming Bounty

Growing up my parents always had a garden, of course, as their oldest child I was helper. I didn’t exactly love weeding or picking the harvest, especially beans.

Now I’m an adult and have a small child to feed and teach I am really starting to get into my garden.

When we bought our house in 2008 there was small patch on the side of our garage. I almost felt obligated to plant, being brought up with a garden.

Last summer I had my husband dig up some more land with a tractor he had borrowed. Needless to say we are going to have quite a bounty this year.

Today’s July 1st, I thought it appropriate to celebrate our successes from June 1st to today. It truly is amazing what can come from a few seeds in containers.

20130701-202455.jpgThe New Big Garden

Spaghetti Squash Plants &
Petunia Flowers – No brainier, easy to keep if your interested in beautifying your outside word.

Bulb Flowers Started in the Greenhouse This Year. I was so happy to see a bloom. 🙂
And new also this year a little row of beans. I guess people do really change.

Over all I am ecstatic with the progress that the gardens has made and can’t wait to start stuffing cabbage and peppers, snapping beans and making homemade chili with the yummy spaghetti squash & tomatoes.

If you would like more information on starting your own seeds click here

Scared to try seeds?? Just buy the plants straight from a quality greenhouse in your area or a local farmers market.

For more information on when and how to plant bulbs, click the links.
I know I wasn’t totally confident at first and the Internet has so many great resources. I also love Pinterest for garden design ideas and much more. Feel free to follow me.


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