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I can’t believe how fast January is going, not really I take it back…. Once you have a child, ALL months go SO fast. I wish there were a time machine to stop time for just a while; to simply enjoy everything for what it is, without the pressures of everyday life. Since that doesn’t exist I took today to assess my progress {so far}.

In December I took a minute to look ahead a whole year. Eighteen days later, that seems way too overwhelming to think about. Lets just focus on this month. My birthday month, are you following my 28 days to 28 years stories {ending up being just a blog everyday, so you can get to know my manners and mar-isms}.

January Goals:

Organize Kitchen {user friendly}
Order Emmett Dresser
Buy a new mattress
Book a winter craft show
Try a new recipe {Made surf n’ turf & Better Than Fries for the family last week}
Organize Bedroom {make more relaxing}
Organize Emmett’s room {When dresser arrives}
Place Potty Chair in bathroom {scary}
Take time to read more {Before Birthday, and keep habit}
Craft at least 4 more items for craft show
Create Baked Goods list for vendor shows
Shop for under-bed storage/headboard for our bed

+ All this before the end of the month !! I don’t know about you but I’m excited for February, all the pinks, reds (Emmett’s favorite color), and love in the air !

set goals

What are you goals before February arrives ??



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Christmas 2013

This has been quite a blessed week. I love all the presents we got and gave 🙂 Emmett actually got some pretty cool toys, some that I’ve never seen or heard of.


We received several ornaments this year and I wanted to share.

From top left: my Aunt Dee made Emmett this cute ornament. The pink hair dresser ornament is from my sister. The family stocking’s ornament is from my mom as well the family ornament that so needs a picture.


The adorable personalized Santa Moose Family was from our sister-in-law. And the Christmas tree verse one is from Steven’s mom.

I love decorating the tree each year and remembering who gave us or where it came from. I especially like the homemade ones from when my sister and I were little, and can’t wait to make memories with Emmett.

Starting next year 🙂 I know I’ve said this every year since he was born but its going to be so much more fun with him next year.

I plan on making him a felt tree with gifts and ornaments to decorate and I will probably put a tree up in his room like I did last year. This year I let my life get too busy and I won’t make that mistake for my family again.


My sister and her fiancé got Emmett a tool set to go with his little work bench he got a few months ago. He thinks its so awesome that he has a work light just like Daddy. He shows it to everyone that comes in the door.

Emmett also got enough PJ’s to live in for a month. He’s sporting his Christmas Eve gift ones (Jake the Pirate). We don’t get dressed on Christmas. 🙂


After everyone left our house Christmas Day we relaxed as a family and watched Open Season & Open Season 2, that Santa brought the boys in their stockings. Emmett and I were playing with my phone during the previews. 🙂


Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend after such a great Christmas week.

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This week.

This week has been fairly random but I wanted to share.








I’m loving Emmett’s imagination and new toddler habits.

I had several haircuts come over this week and one was my cousins wife, Tiffany and she had her new baby. You might of saw my post on her diaper cake.
As you can see Emmett was really worried about his mommy holding a baby.
PS please ignore my junked table. I had a lot if vendor show stuff gong on this week.

Monday we had some appointments in town so I picked up some groceries. Would you believe that just these few things (fit into three bags) was $60+?? Yeah it’s not that hard to believe.

We had a family brunch at home, pancakes. They were gluten free and surprisingly have more flavor than the regular ones.

Finally, yesterday my wonderful husband and I worked on our map for the vendor show. He drew, I cut and figured.

The final product was somewhat shocking to even me. I cannot wait for the show to sells crafts. For a look at some of them click here.
But I must warn you that’s only some 🙂

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend and Thanksgiving Holiday, if I don’t post before then.

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6 + 1 = CHRISTMAS.

I would normally be done Christmas shopping by now, but this year I’ve been focused on more important things. My husband, (who never worries about anything), suggested we start today. Did I say suggested. I meant (for lack of better words) forced me.

“Okay, when we’re done with lunch I want you to change and we are going shopping.” I’ve never heard these words from my husband so I thought I should abide.

In doing so, stirred up a boat load of thoughts and emotions. Don’t get me wrong, today was awesome. We got a lot of ideas, a budget completed, many items scratched off our list and some items were bought to “craft” together. I absolutely loved the day. But when I got home I had to put all my thoughts on paper (or screen).

There is only 6 weeks and 1 day left till Christmas so here is my 6 + 1 = Christmas (money saving, family loving, creative) Thoughts

1.) Set your budget and stick to it. Better yet, set a spending limit for everyone accept your kids. Spend $xx max for everyone but them. (Only you can set what your xx should be).
You could try using the envelope system, it’s the easiest way to tell your money where to go, (or has gone).

2.) Draw names when celebrating Christmas in large groups. Your responsibility is for one gift not 8 or 10. Thanksgiving is a good time to set this up. You can even decide to exchange white elephant gifts.

3.)Homemade gifts and treats are a perfect way to be thrifty, plus you can give everyone special something special from the heart.
I myself enjoy crafting (clearly), so when I’m making something for a person I try to make it personalized. There’s no such thing as ‘perfect,’ but you come a lot closer when you at least try to personalize it. Way to much of our world is commercialized, let’s keep Christmas out of it.
Besides, Christmas shouldn’t be about buying things, it should be about doing things for others.

4.) Remember what we’re celebrating! As far as presents go, gift giving is nice, but it shouldn’t be about how much we spend.
“Did we spend enough money on them?” Used to be a common question this time of year…

This economy and being a parent changes your outlook. Do I want my chid thinking he has to spend more to get more or be more loved?? The answer is “NO.” YOU CAN’T BUY LOVE. 🙂

5.) Spend time with people. Time is the best gift ever.
Have you ever heard anyone on their death bed say, “I wish I would of spent more money on my kids last Christmas.”? No, not ever.

Time may not heal all wounds, we need God for that, but time spent is never wasted. (Thank you Pastor Dan for pointing out that time doesn’t heal all wounds. Check back tomorrow for a post on what he means).

6.) Tell everyone you’re scaling back (or not, in this economy everyone’s struggling), I don’t think it’s totally important to announce it. Then feel free to spend less! Don’t feel the need to buy ones love. Opt out of things if you have too.

+1.) Christmas comes every year on the same day (14 days after my husbands birthday). Start saving in January.
Saving is too much to ask ? Okay. Try buying throughout the year. I tend to do this when I see sales or something that screams a persons name.

• Santa Claus might be the reason Everyone celebrates Christmas. But the real reason Christmas exists… IT’S JESUS BIRTHDAY.
Jesus doesn’t want His Birthday to be about material items.
Be thankful for our gift(s) from God.

Some sayings you could use to defer loved ones from buying for you:
•Presence not presents.
•Your presence is present enough
•Just bring yourselves
•I would love the gift of your presence. Please save your presents for the needy
~You don’t know any needy? Please click here to learn how to pack a shoebox for a child in need.
~If they don’t have that kind of time refer them to the Build-a-shoebox online link. Where they can click click click and someone will do the work for them.

(National Collection Week is coming November 18-25)

• Regardless of how or when you do your Christmas shopping remember that it’s a day of celebration. We don’t have to buy into all that the marketing companies have blown it up to be.

I hope this post was a blessing to you, and I pray you are led to bless someone this season.

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Keeping Up

Ever wonder how to get it all done ? Are your tasks getting the best of your day ? Do you get to Friday and wonder what you even accomplished ? Do you go weeks (or even months) with no “me time.” ?

Until November 1st the answer was yes, yes, yes & yes (for me).

I’ve always kept a very specific calendar and had several to-do lists each week. My frustration came when there truly wasn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything I had set out. It left me feeling overwhelmed and incomplete.

My solution. Decide what’s actually important to me for me to get physically done.

In no particular order I came up with the following.
Cleaning (I like to have a clean house and quite frankly, am less overwhelmed when things are ‘done’).
My musts (appointments).
Making time for a short workout.
Building my craft stock for business (and personal) purposes.

In September & October, I tried writing everything I wanted to get done on a calendar. There was simply too much to fit in a block. So I decided to make these categories a calendar of their own.

They are all color coded for convience of making future months and easy printing.


Now I have my priorities all spelled out. I have no excuse not to fit it in my day. Don’t get me wrong this process hasn’t been all candy and roses. Life still happens. But I love that I have a guide to keep me on task when I hit a bump in the week.

How do you keep up with what’s important to you?

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New Inventory

New Inventory

Added more baby hat inventory ! To Amanda’s Homemade Commodities On-Hand Stock.
Checked out our full inventory here.

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Good Afternoon:

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite sometime, but have had several computer issues and I’m still working through some of them. Finally I’ve added an inventory link on this blog. For now it’s just pictures. I will add more as the time goes on.

I love crafting and hope you enjoy my products.

The stock we have for now includes:

  • Placemats
  • Cloth Books
  • Baby Burp Cloths
  • Baby Hats
  • Small Purses
  • Rice Sacs
  • Kitchen Dish Cloths
  • Hats, scarfs, & slippers for winter wear
  • Children and Adult Aprons
  • Christmas Decor
  • Baby Bibs and Wash Cloths

You can like my Amanda’s Homemade Commodities page on Facebook. There are more pictures and descriptions there as well.

If you are interested in special ordering products or getting a stocked item shipped please order via email:

I just wanted to share the addition. Now I’m off to keep at it.

Have a blessed day !

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Summer Crafts

Summer time is always a hard time to stay in and craft for four and six hours at a time. But I did what I could this month.
Lots of knitting goes on in summer as well as winter, because its portable.


From cut and tied to sewn and ironed. Four kitchen dish cloths, pull over baby bibs with matching wash cloths (in blue & pink)
And four Holiday Soft Baby Books. They make great gifts for baby’s first Christmas, pregnant mommy, or a young on-the-go toddler.


Who could resist this easy-on-easy-off owl child’s apron ? Not me that’s why I made several 🙂
And if you like birds, I whipped up this adult apron this week too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Keep checking back for more blogs I have a lot of catching up to do.

Don’t forget September is National Sewing Month.

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