Christmas 2013

This has been quite a blessed week. I love all the presents we got and gave 🙂 Emmett actually got some pretty cool toys, some that I’ve never seen or heard of.


We received several ornaments this year and I wanted to share.

From top left: my Aunt Dee made Emmett this cute ornament. The pink hair dresser ornament is from my sister. The family stocking’s ornament is from my mom as well the family ornament that so needs a picture.


The adorable personalized Santa Moose Family was from our sister-in-law. And the Christmas tree verse one is from Steven’s mom.

I love decorating the tree each year and remembering who gave us or where it came from. I especially like the homemade ones from when my sister and I were little, and can’t wait to make memories with Emmett.

Starting next year 🙂 I know I’ve said this every year since he was born but its going to be so much more fun with him next year.

I plan on making him a felt tree with gifts and ornaments to decorate and I will probably put a tree up in his room like I did last year. This year I let my life get too busy and I won’t make that mistake for my family again.


My sister and her fiancé got Emmett a tool set to go with his little work bench he got a few months ago. He thinks its so awesome that he has a work light just like Daddy. He shows it to everyone that comes in the door.

Emmett also got enough PJ’s to live in for a month. He’s sporting his Christmas Eve gift ones (Jake the Pirate). We don’t get dressed on Christmas. 🙂


After everyone left our house Christmas Day we relaxed as a family and watched Open Season & Open Season 2, that Santa brought the boys in their stockings. Emmett and I were playing with my phone during the previews. 🙂


Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend after such a great Christmas week.

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Merry Christmas

I just love Christmas and this time of year. I have picked up a few odd jobs on top of my already loaded plate so I haven’t been able to keep you updated on all things Christmas at our house.

Cooking & cleaning are on my list of favorite things so I’ve been spending a lot of time looking up new recipes for this years celebrations, shopping and prepping in the kitchen.
Today I made a great desert dish from my friend Rachel’s Blog , actually I made two. The chocolate trifle was a hit at both my husband and I’s family gatherings.


The local Walmart didn’t have mint Oreos so I used Winter Red Oreos and Mint M&Ms for a festive feel and taste. Plus I’m like totally addicted to mint.


This was me really getting into the Christmas cooking mood 🙂 I got a new candle I will be breaking out very soon too.

Both my husbands and my extended family’s do a pass around game with the story “The Night Before Christmas” it’s a fun way to get a gift and not break the bank.

Below is a picture of a gift Emmett got from my Aunt Donna, after our game was over.


As you can see Santa came to our house as soon as our little man went to sleep. So I must at least try to get some sleep for our big Christmas celebration at our house.


What are some of your Christmas & Christmas Eve Family Traditions ?

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