Reasons I <3 Being a SAHM

on January 19, 2014

March 1st 2011, I held our first positive pregnancy test. I remember laying in bed that morning just knowing that I was in fact expecting. I had been charting my temp’s for several weeks and I had stayed high for several days, I just had that “I’m pregnant” feeling. Sure enough I was…. running through the house screaming was what woke my hubby….

…then we went on our marry way, it was Tuesday, so I went to my TOPS meeting. Sitting right beside my Aunt Dee was the hardest thing I had to do that day. I felt like I could burst with excitement, but I did well keeping it cool.

Did you catch my posts from Monday and Tuesday to see how we got to this point ?

(Two years later,) I think being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) is the absolute best job anyone could have.


Staying home with Emmett means my #1 concern is him and his happiness and my second is keeping our house running. Often times I end up busier than people that have full time jobs.

I would like to give you MY top 3 reasons I love being a SAHM. (By the way), I didn’t know what a SAHM was until I was pregnant and was researching and reading forms, blogs and medical articals on sites like this and this. So don’t feel bad…

Everyday is a new adventure

As a SAHM, you really don’t know what your going to wake up to. First off how you feel doesn’t matter so much as does how your child feels. If Emmett wakes up laughing and playing I know today’s going to be a great day (within like 5 minutes). If he wakes up whinnying and cranking around, there may or may not be a more challenging day ahead. No matter what my day has in store for me, I know that it will be an adventure simply because this world we live in is a child’s playground. How can you not love watching your child learn, play and grow.

Nothing else matters

Unlike my husband, I don’t have to listen to my boss’s (blah blah blah) orders and fulfill his every need. If it’s a cuddle that Emmett wants it a cuddle he shall get. Please don’t think I just sit on the couch all day and cuddle with my child, though that would be nice. What I’m trying to say is, no matter what you do all day long as a SAHM if you loved, and cared for your child you’ve done the most important thing you could of done with your day. End of story, no flack from the boss, just whatever matters that day.

Everything is fixed with love

I’m the sole care provider for my little one and I know that in fact he is held when he wants to be and love all day long…. There’s nothing like mother’s love that makes anything & everything better.

This afternoon at lunch, Emmett bit his tongue. You know the feeling the pain, there’s nothing you can do about it and you just want it so stop ASAP… Crying he got down off his chair and wanted me to pick him up. I did hugged and kissed him, told him that he was going to be just fine and he stopped crying, went back to his chair and finished eating. He was all better just knowing that I loved him and was there for him. Just one of the many joys that inspired this post. 🙂

No matter what anyone says: being a SAHM, isn’t the easiest (or most talked about) job in the world but it is the most REWARDING.


Thanks for stopping by today, until next time.




2 responses to “Reasons I <3 Being a SAHM

  1. Amanda, I worked since my daughter Sarah was a baby… (shes 14 now) and I recently am a stay at home mom and I wanna tell you….It is more work than any job I have had. Not only are you a mom, you are a teacher, You are a chef, a nurse, shopper, counselor, entertainer, etc….and by the end of the day, I am tired. UGH. But being a stay at home mama, I wouldn’t want it any other way!!

    I enjoy reading ur blogs. 🙂

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