half+way update

on January 18, 2014

I can’t believe how fast January is going, not really I take it back…. Once you have a child, ALL months go SO fast. I wish there were a time machine to stop time for just a while; to simply enjoy everything for what it is, without the pressures of everyday life. Since that doesn’t exist I took today to assess my progress {so far}.

In December I took a minute to look ahead a whole year. Eighteen days later, that seems way too overwhelming to think about. Lets just focus on this month. My birthday month, are you following my 28 days to 28 years stories {ending up being just a blog everyday, so you can get to know my manners and mar-isms}.

January Goals:

Organize Kitchen {user friendly}
Order Emmett Dresser
Buy a new mattress
Book a winter craft show
Try a new recipe {Made surf n’ turf & Better Than Fries for the family last week}
Organize Bedroom {make more relaxing}
Organize Emmett’s room {When dresser arrives}
Place Potty Chair in bathroom {scary}
Take time to read more {Before Birthday, and keep habit}
Craft at least 4 more items for craft show
Create Baked Goods list for vendor shows
Shop for under-bed storage/headboard for our bed

+ All this before the end of the month !! I don’t know about you but I’m excited for February, all the pinks, reds (Emmett’s favorite color), and love in the air !

set goals

What are you goals before February arrives ??




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