28 Days to 28 Years (Day 6)

on January 7, 2014


20140107-145256.jpg Sunday, we celebrated with a teenage turtle themed party.

I can’t believe Alex is ALREADY FIVE. It seems like we welcomed him to our family last year.

The time changed really messed with Emmett’s nap routine. Our normal was between 3 & 4 pm, sleeping the evening away, followed by a late bed time. I was about ready to throw in the towel but tried some new tricks and this week has been an after lunch (12:30/1:30) nap time. And they are lasting a normal toddler resting period. I can’t tell you how much this excites me.

20140107-145404.jpg Yesterday, I finally finished the kitchen organization. I had originally purchased this contact paper for my new kitchen island but instead decided to use it to refinish under the sink. I really like how it freshened the space, the wood was in desperate need of something.

It’s cold just about everywhere (except Hawii), this week, our house is no different. I wish my husband were home so I could go out and take some more snow covered pictures.
Emmett & Jake pictured above are actually laying on my feet. A very rare occurance for me to lay or sit down during the day, but desperate temperatures call for desperate measures.

I have used heavy blankets and towels to cover all of our doors and windows. And am praying our pipes do not freeze.

I hope your staying warm this week. Feel free to comment your ideas on keeping busy and warm on weeks like this !! Thanks for stopping by today.
Until tomorrow, friends.


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