28 Days to 28 Years (Day 4&5)

on January 7, 2014

I didn’t post yesterday for two reasons: 1: I was only home for about an hour and in that time I was working on organizing more of my kitchen & 2: I was in a bad mood emotionally. I had so much that I knew I was going to say and none of it was made for the outside world. I have made it back to reality today and things are looking up.

Though not literary. The snow and temperature are sure falling these days. Black ice, 30 degree drops in temperature and freezing wind chills. It was easy to stay in and finish organizing the kitchen today.







Note there are rewards right handy in the bathroom. We are thinking potty training might be a go being that we are stuck inside anyway.
JellyBellys for pee potty and dum dums for po po potty.
Fingers crossed.

I can finally say (after 6 years), that I’m finally happy with my kitchen. The goal was to make it user friendly and have more food storage/counter space. And I have accomplished that well.

I’m going to try it out tomorrow with a new cookie recipe I found today.

My next organization project ? The master bedroom.

Thanks for stopping by.
Until Tomorrow !!


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