28 Days to 28 Years

on January 3, 2014

I cannot believe I’m saying this but I actually feel like an adult now. It’s a little embarrassing admitting that, being that I will be an adult for ten years in 28 short days. To celebrate my birthday, embrace life and this new year; I’ve decided to take a stab at writing a blog post everyday this month.

My number one goal this month is to be 100% organized (within my house). That’s a little unrealistic, so I’m taking it day by day, month by month. Stay tuned for future posts on my goals, organization projects and tactics, and probably failures. Cause let’s face it I’m human too.

(Even though it’s really super fun to pretend we bloggers live in a perfect world… The reality is our houses are a mess, we have had failed recipes and relationships and our plans don’t always go, well as planned).

So… Today I decided to START tackling my kitchen & dining room areas. A few months back I decided to create a dining room out of a portion of the living room. I love that we don’t have a table in our kitchen, but there has been a few snags in the system since. So making the dining room appear and feel like a dining room and the kitchen more functional and lovable is a must before adulthood really sets in.

I really did a bad job at taking before pictures today so bare with me.

This is the main reason why my kitchen is dysfunctional. Most (and by most I mean over 75%) of our food is stored in our basement pantry. I just don’t have it organized to be user friendly just yet. But as I get closer to being an adult I have the urge to cook and even bake and decorate more.

These shelves are above my kitchen sink and (again I forgot to take the before) I had candles and pictures on two of these but my kitchen is done in wine and grapes so I added our wine glasses. Yes they are ones we use but its so rare they might as well be a useful decoration, right ?

Don’t mind the old yellow curtains. I’ve bought wine/grape material to make new ones, something that I would of liked to have had done for the holidays. Next months project ?!?!

I was rather proud of myself today. I managed to successfully assemble TWO items today. One being this bamboo corner shelf (which I’m excited for the possibilities). The other a coat stand that I decided to add to the kitchen. This all in effort to have a non-cluttered house. Fingers crossed.


More decorating / organizing. Emmett might have something going there as well.


Our ‘dining room’ hutch. To replace the space where the Christmas tree was. 🙂


This was the quickest project of the day. Now it won’t seem like we have to walk a green mile just for a drink. (Okay I’m stretching it a little there).

Not bad for Day 1. I feel rather productive and can’t wait to see what I can get into tomorrow.

At what age did you feel like an adult ?

Do you feel as disorganized as I do ?

I would love to hear from you.
Thanks for stopping in today.
Until Tomorrow…


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