This week.

on November 22, 2013

This week has been fairly random but I wanted to share.








I’m loving Emmett’s imagination and new toddler habits.

I had several haircuts come over this week and one was my cousins wife, Tiffany and she had her new baby. You might of saw my post on her diaper cake.
As you can see Emmett was really worried about his mommy holding a baby.
PS please ignore my junked table. I had a lot if vendor show stuff gong on this week.

Monday we had some appointments in town so I picked up some groceries. Would you believe that just these few things (fit into three bags) was $60+?? Yeah it’s not that hard to believe.

We had a family brunch at home, pancakes. They were gluten free and surprisingly have more flavor than the regular ones.

Finally, yesterday my wonderful husband and I worked on our map for the vendor show. He drew, I cut and figured.

The final product was somewhat shocking to even me. I cannot wait for the show to sells crafts. For a look at some of them click here.
But I must warn you that’s only some 🙂

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend and Thanksgiving Holiday, if I don’t post before then.


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