Keeping Up

on November 7, 2013

Ever wonder how to get it all done ? Are your tasks getting the best of your day ? Do you get to Friday and wonder what you even accomplished ? Do you go weeks (or even months) with no “me time.” ?

Until November 1st the answer was yes, yes, yes & yes (for me).

I’ve always kept a very specific calendar and had several to-do lists each week. My frustration came when there truly wasn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything I had set out. It left me feeling overwhelmed and incomplete.

My solution. Decide what’s actually important to me for me to get physically done.

In no particular order I came up with the following.
Cleaning (I like to have a clean house and quite frankly, am less overwhelmed when things are ‘done’).
My musts (appointments).
Making time for a short workout.
Building my craft stock for business (and personal) purposes.

In September & October, I tried writing everything I wanted to get done on a calendar. There was simply too much to fit in a block. So I decided to make these categories a calendar of their own.

They are all color coded for convience of making future months and easy printing.


Now I have my priorities all spelled out. I have no excuse not to fit it in my day. Don’t get me wrong this process hasn’t been all candy and roses. Life still happens. But I love that I have a guide to keep me on task when I hit a bump in the week.

How do you keep up with what’s important to you?


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