Babies, Babies, Babies !!

on November 2, 2013

Everyone is having babies !! Which I love, cause that means I get to make, shop and love these new tiny humans !

Upon a relative and friends request, I got my diaper cake skills back out of hiding. And I’m so thankful. I remembered why I love doing things like this… Tiny diapers, and cute, soft cuddly fabric are awesome !!

This cake had a special request to include the baby’s name on the cake. I was up to the challenge !


Adorable !!! “Kaylynn” Is actually part of the all pink blanket so she can have alittle something that’s hers for as long as she wants, and Elizabeth is just pinned on !




Thinking ahead I included a sippy cup. It’s a sad but true fact baby’s grow too fast !



This is the most decorated cake I’ve done to date and I love it !


In all this diaper cake includes:

Baby Lotion
Pink Bottle
Pink Onsie
Princess Bib
Pink Bath Puppet
Pink Sippy
Pink Rubber Ducky


I absolutely love it and hope Mom and Dad do too ! I can’t wait to do more very soon and would even be whiling to do in bulk or for special order on an as needed basis.
See the contact or inventory page(s) to place you order, ask questions or suggest an edit !



Above are my very first two diaper cakes I did for a girlfriend who had twins. I can’t believe they will be three in just a few months.


One response to “Babies, Babies, Babies !!

  1. […] over this week and one was my cousins wife, Tiffany and she had her new baby. You might of saw my post on her diaper cake. As you can see Emmett was really worried about his mommy holding a baby. PS […]

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