Happy Halloween

on November 1, 2013

As a child I enjoyed Halloween. My sister and I would often pick and make or help our Mom create our costumes for ‘trick-or-treating.’

As Mom, of a practically 2 year old, October went extremely fast, because it seemed like yesterday I was browsing the shelves at Wal-Mart wondering what we should dress Emmett in this year. That was really 3 weeks ago, but anyway. I came across a pirate much like this one. Being that he’s only two they didn’t have one in his size and I (knowing how to sew) wasn’t about to go to a costume store to purchase something that he would wear one day this year. I thought I could pull something together.

Three weeks later…..

I totally forgot that we were even going trick-or-treating (we skipped last year). So before church on Sunday, as I was coaching Emmett to brush his teeth, I cut out his vest, colored strips on a white shirt and cut pirate into some warm black pants.

The vest came from an old tee shirt with an advertisement on it, and the white shirt was about to be in the too small box, and the pants were purchase from Goodwill for the purpose of cutting them off. DSCN6405

The eye patch was Mommy’s eye liner. With his sensitive skin I didn’t want to chance being allergic to face paint, and I knew it would come off with Baby Shampoo or eye make-up remover. (And yes he’s crying). We had a little disagreement about our photoshoot and this was the best I got with the camera.


I got a cute one off my phone though 🙂 ^

We also decorated our pumpkins (kid-friendly) this year. It was just Emmett and I because all the days we had planned some time out to do the big carving (mess)….Something came up and Emmett’s too little for me to take on guts and seeds alone so we did fun paint and markers.


He enjoyed drawing on his pumpkin !!


And got himself on the forehead, I thought it added to his costume so it stayed for the day !

DSCN6384  Good Job Emmett !!

DSCN6382 DSCN6386 Mommy Went Easy this year too!

DSCN6392 TaDa !!! DSCN6413

Treat-or-Treating must of been hard work !!! (I made him carry his bag,) which he didn’t understand till about the 4th house. How many houses did we go to you ask? Four.

I’m thinking by almost 3 he will be more into a bag full of candy. Maybe even decide what he wants to be ?

How did you celebrate Halloween ?

PUMKIN 2012 PUMKIN 2012-2


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