This week.

This week has been fairly random but I wanted to share.








I’m loving Emmett’s imagination and new toddler habits.

I had several haircuts come over this week and one was my cousins wife, Tiffany and she had her new baby. You might of saw my post on her diaper cake.
As you can see Emmett was really worried about his mommy holding a baby.
PS please ignore my junked table. I had a lot if vendor show stuff gong on this week.

Monday we had some appointments in town so I picked up some groceries. Would you believe that just these few things (fit into three bags) was $60+?? Yeah it’s not that hard to believe.

We had a family brunch at home, pancakes. They were gluten free and surprisingly have more flavor than the regular ones.

Finally, yesterday my wonderful husband and I worked on our map for the vendor show. He drew, I cut and figured.

The final product was somewhat shocking to even me. I cannot wait for the show to sells crafts. For a look at some of them click here.
But I must warn you that’s only some 🙂

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend and Thanksgiving Holiday, if I don’t post before then.

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Beautiful Scars

I feel like its been a while since I’ve shared what we’ve been given at The Summit. Pastor Dan is good at giving us a lot to think about and helping us to prosper in our walk with Jesus. Basically what a good pastor is supposed to do.

Sunday he started another series, Beautiful Scars, and I got the privilege of staying for both services. I’m helping with the shoebox mission at church before and after service. Click here for my post with more information. (It’s at the bottom).

Anyway, I don’t know how our pastors preach the same message three times in one weekend and don’t forget anything. I definitely couldn’t do it.

It was a great message with lots of healing for me so I thought I would share some of my notes.

John 20:19-20; 24-27
-He was identified by…
-He drew attention to…
-He wasn’t ashamed of…

Isaiah 53:3,5
By his stripes (scars) we are healed.

** You can trust God & talk to him about anything. He’s been through MORE than you.

He never said you wouldn’t have trouble or problems.
** Read John 16

II Corinthians 11:23-28

5 sources of our Hurts

1. Rejection
2. Failure
3. Abuse
4. Betrayal
5. Tragedy

– You go through things (God heals you), then you can be effective in ministering to other in like events.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds only God can.

Hurts can be the greatest obstacle and the greatest growth in life.

** – my thoughts as the message went on.

I truly feel like a real healing began on Sunday. Not just because of this message, it without question it started on the way to church, in the car.

I hope these verses and thoughts bless you and help the healing of your beautiful scars. Cause let’s face it scars are beautiful.

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6 + 1 = CHRISTMAS.

I would normally be done Christmas shopping by now, but this year I’ve been focused on more important things. My husband, (who never worries about anything), suggested we start today. Did I say suggested. I meant (for lack of better words) forced me.

“Okay, when we’re done with lunch I want you to change and we are going shopping.” I’ve never heard these words from my husband so I thought I should abide.

In doing so, stirred up a boat load of thoughts and emotions. Don’t get me wrong, today was awesome. We got a lot of ideas, a budget completed, many items scratched off our list and some items were bought to “craft” together. I absolutely loved the day. But when I got home I had to put all my thoughts on paper (or screen).

There is only 6 weeks and 1 day left till Christmas so here is my 6 + 1 = Christmas (money saving, family loving, creative) Thoughts

1.) Set your budget and stick to it. Better yet, set a spending limit for everyone accept your kids. Spend $xx max for everyone but them. (Only you can set what your xx should be).
You could try using the envelope system, it’s the easiest way to tell your money where to go, (or has gone).

2.) Draw names when celebrating Christmas in large groups. Your responsibility is for one gift not 8 or 10. Thanksgiving is a good time to set this up. You can even decide to exchange white elephant gifts.

3.)Homemade gifts and treats are a perfect way to be thrifty, plus you can give everyone special something special from the heart.
I myself enjoy crafting (clearly), so when I’m making something for a person I try to make it personalized. There’s no such thing as ‘perfect,’ but you come a lot closer when you at least try to personalize it. Way to much of our world is commercialized, let’s keep Christmas out of it.
Besides, Christmas shouldn’t be about buying things, it should be about doing things for others.

4.) Remember what we’re celebrating! As far as presents go, gift giving is nice, but it shouldn’t be about how much we spend.
“Did we spend enough money on them?” Used to be a common question this time of year…

This economy and being a parent changes your outlook. Do I want my chid thinking he has to spend more to get more or be more loved?? The answer is “NO.” YOU CAN’T BUY LOVE. 🙂

5.) Spend time with people. Time is the best gift ever.
Have you ever heard anyone on their death bed say, “I wish I would of spent more money on my kids last Christmas.”? No, not ever.

Time may not heal all wounds, we need God for that, but time spent is never wasted. (Thank you Pastor Dan for pointing out that time doesn’t heal all wounds. Check back tomorrow for a post on what he means).

6.) Tell everyone you’re scaling back (or not, in this economy everyone’s struggling), I don’t think it’s totally important to announce it. Then feel free to spend less! Don’t feel the need to buy ones love. Opt out of things if you have too.

+1.) Christmas comes every year on the same day (14 days after my husbands birthday). Start saving in January.
Saving is too much to ask ? Okay. Try buying throughout the year. I tend to do this when I see sales or something that screams a persons name.

• Santa Claus might be the reason Everyone celebrates Christmas. But the real reason Christmas exists… IT’S JESUS BIRTHDAY.
Jesus doesn’t want His Birthday to be about material items.
Be thankful for our gift(s) from God.

Some sayings you could use to defer loved ones from buying for you:
•Presence not presents.
•Your presence is present enough
•Just bring yourselves
•I would love the gift of your presence. Please save your presents for the needy
~You don’t know any needy? Please click here to learn how to pack a shoebox for a child in need.
~If they don’t have that kind of time refer them to the Build-a-shoebox online link. Where they can click click click and someone will do the work for them.

(National Collection Week is coming November 18-25)

• Regardless of how or when you do your Christmas shopping remember that it’s a day of celebration. We don’t have to buy into all that the marketing companies have blown it up to be.

I hope this post was a blessing to you, and I pray you are led to bless someone this season.

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Who Do You Think You Are ? (part 1)

You might feel the urge to click unfollow upon the reading of that title, but give me a minute. Remember this is mannersandmars, it’s normal to be all over the place.

Last week I had a very rare oppurtunity to go shopping alone, I may have taken it a little far. I ended up at the local buy-out store and I might have looked at every book they had. While I had reason, (I was looking for Joyce Meyer’s The Battlefield of the Mind-Study Guide), when I was done I had to laugh at myself.

20131108-204424.jpg ^ Caught my eye.

Not a bible study, but a very enlighting read. I’ve never seen so many life changing book reviews in my life, (though I don’t read the reviews all that much).
I thought it couldn’t hurt to take it home for only $3.99.

Finding time to read was another battle for a whole new post, but Emmett happens to be sick. We have done a lot of cuddling and this means knitting, tv, and reading in our house.

I just wanted to share some thoughts on the first chapter, “I AM ______.”

I find in interesting how Driscoll shows how you are to view yourself. If you were to ask me who I am, I would of said, I’m wife to Steven and mommy to Emmett. However, this is wrong.

Another fact I would like to share, (simply because I think it’s worth sharing)… I think we are all guilty of it at one point or another, you know when you become obsessed over one thing or another. So much that the thing becomes more important to you than God.

The last section in chapter 1 explains how to better understand idols.
Think of it like this:
I – Items
D – Duties
O – Others
L – Longings
S – Sufferings

Everyone has suffered an identity crisis in there life. I’m sure glad I stumbled across this book, because I can already tell you Mark Driscoll is a new favorite author.

I pray this post is a blessing to you and gets your mind turning. Maybe you’re even thinking about buying a copy of ‘Who Do You Think You Are Finding Your True Identity in Christ.’ If so, then I’ve done my job.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and have a blessed Sunday.

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Keeping Up

Ever wonder how to get it all done ? Are your tasks getting the best of your day ? Do you get to Friday and wonder what you even accomplished ? Do you go weeks (or even months) with no “me time.” ?

Until November 1st the answer was yes, yes, yes & yes (for me).

I’ve always kept a very specific calendar and had several to-do lists each week. My frustration came when there truly wasn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything I had set out. It left me feeling overwhelmed and incomplete.

My solution. Decide what’s actually important to me for me to get physically done.

In no particular order I came up with the following.
Cleaning (I like to have a clean house and quite frankly, am less overwhelmed when things are ‘done’).
My musts (appointments).
Making time for a short workout.
Building my craft stock for business (and personal) purposes.

In September & October, I tried writing everything I wanted to get done on a calendar. There was simply too much to fit in a block. So I decided to make these categories a calendar of their own.

They are all color coded for convience of making future months and easy printing.


Now I have my priorities all spelled out. I have no excuse not to fit it in my day. Don’t get me wrong this process hasn’t been all candy and roses. Life still happens. But I love that I have a guide to keep me on task when I hit a bump in the week.

How do you keep up with what’s important to you?

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Living Free (Again)

The message’s at The Summit have been so powerful and blessed that sometimes I can’t keep up on my notes. I’ve started taking them on my phone and that really helps.

A recent message brought up some emotions and I was urged to go back and look for what I thought would be answers to my problem. Answers that had already been studied and wrote out.

I love how the word of God has all the answers we need. Below I shared some of my notes from a message in September.

Living Free -Week 4
Things that are holding you back


You grab ahold of it and don’t let go.
Philip 1:9-10
Psalms 119:165 KJV

Matt 5:43-45
There’s no room in God’s kingdom for hatred

Rev 2:6

Matt 7:1-2
Rom 14:12-13
James 4:12

Unable or UNWILLING to forgive someone.
Matt 6:15
Mark 11:25


After the message was over, Pastor Dan asked us to get out the index card that we were given at the door. We were to write who or what we would like to let go of in order to live free.

I dropped that burden that day but was reminded of it greatly a few times since and a lot today. Revisiting these living free notes helped me. I hope they do you too.

How do you deal with what’s holding you back from living free?

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Happy 2 Years

It’s been two years since the Lord Blessed us with our little Emmett Mitchell !!! It’s Hard to believe in two years you can go from

baby emmett day 1 To Emmett tractor

This has simply been the fastest time of my life. I thought the weeks went fast in high school. Hoping things slow down ASAP !! I am not ready to send this little one to Kindergarten anytime soon…. Saturday we celebrated Emmett’s Life with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Celebration, being Emmett’s absolute favorite it wasn’t very hard to decide this.


Keeping with our ‘tradition’ we added balloons to the porch to celebrate Emmett’s Birthday !

DSCN6440 DSCN6429 Still too young for goodie bags, we handed out pictures for our little man ! DSCN6430 Cake Table Display DSCN6432 DSCN6436  Beautiful cake made by my sister Amy !

DSCN6433 Mickey Mouse is so easy to make super cute food ideas !!DSCN6442 DSCN6449 DSCN6450 DSCN6453 DSCN6454 DSCN6456 DSCN6461

DSCN6462Window Stickers too!!


Classic Crying During Birthday Song.


A gift we put together as a party decoration ! This 3ft puzzle is really fun to put together with E !


Emmett’s Gram made this personalized floor pillow and matching blanket for him. He absolutely loves pillows and thinks all should be on the floor… He has used it several times since Saturday !!

So many memories made Saturday and much emotion in this Mama as I think of this day two years ago, and the most incredible two years of my life.

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Babies, Babies, Babies !!

Everyone is having babies !! Which I love, cause that means I get to make, shop and love these new tiny humans !

Upon a relative and friends request, I got my diaper cake skills back out of hiding. And I’m so thankful. I remembered why I love doing things like this… Tiny diapers, and cute, soft cuddly fabric are awesome !!

This cake had a special request to include the baby’s name on the cake. I was up to the challenge !


Adorable !!! “Kaylynn” Is actually part of the all pink blanket so she can have alittle something that’s hers for as long as she wants, and Elizabeth is just pinned on !




Thinking ahead I included a sippy cup. It’s a sad but true fact baby’s grow too fast !



This is the most decorated cake I’ve done to date and I love it !


In all this diaper cake includes:

Baby Lotion
Pink Bottle
Pink Onsie
Princess Bib
Pink Bath Puppet
Pink Sippy
Pink Rubber Ducky


I absolutely love it and hope Mom and Dad do too ! I can’t wait to do more very soon and would even be whiling to do in bulk or for special order on an as needed basis.
See the contact or inventory page(s) to place you order, ask questions or suggest an edit !



Above are my very first two diaper cakes I did for a girlfriend who had twins. I can’t believe they will be three in just a few months.

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Happy Halloween

As a child I enjoyed Halloween. My sister and I would often pick and make or help our Mom create our costumes for ‘trick-or-treating.’

As Mom, of a practically 2 year old, October went extremely fast, because it seemed like yesterday I was browsing the shelves at Wal-Mart wondering what we should dress Emmett in this year. That was really 3 weeks ago, but anyway. I came across a pirate much like this one. Being that he’s only two they didn’t have one in his size and I (knowing how to sew) wasn’t about to go to a costume store to purchase something that he would wear one day this year. I thought I could pull something together.

Three weeks later…..

I totally forgot that we were even going trick-or-treating (we skipped last year). So before church on Sunday, as I was coaching Emmett to brush his teeth, I cut out his vest, colored strips on a white shirt and cut pirate into some warm black pants.

The vest came from an old tee shirt with an advertisement on it, and the white shirt was about to be in the too small box, and the pants were purchase from Goodwill for the purpose of cutting them off. DSCN6405

The eye patch was Mommy’s eye liner. With his sensitive skin I didn’t want to chance being allergic to face paint, and I knew it would come off with Baby Shampoo or eye make-up remover. (And yes he’s crying). We had a little disagreement about our photoshoot and this was the best I got with the camera.


I got a cute one off my phone though 🙂 ^

We also decorated our pumpkins (kid-friendly) this year. It was just Emmett and I because all the days we had planned some time out to do the big carving (mess)….Something came up and Emmett’s too little for me to take on guts and seeds alone so we did fun paint and markers.


He enjoyed drawing on his pumpkin !!


And got himself on the forehead, I thought it added to his costume so it stayed for the day !

DSCN6384  Good Job Emmett !!

DSCN6382 DSCN6386 Mommy Went Easy this year too!

DSCN6392 TaDa !!! DSCN6413

Treat-or-Treating must of been hard work !!! (I made him carry his bag,) which he didn’t understand till about the 4th house. How many houses did we go to you ask? Four.

I’m thinking by almost 3 he will be more into a bag full of candy. Maybe even decide what he wants to be ?

How did you celebrate Halloween ?

PUMKIN 2012 PUMKIN 2012-2

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