Fall Festival 2013

on October 12, 2013


If you’ve known me for more than a few sentences you know that I’m in love with the Amish. I absolutely adore how they live so simply. So when we get the chance, we slip to Amish Country for the day. With fall quickly approaching the beauty of the drive took me in.


With my husband working 90 hours this week, he was no good for driving anymore, so I took the wheel and we took the scenic route. I don’t like the same old hum-drum. I just had to get this picture of the land, perfect clouds and of course the Amish Buggy.

I probably shouldn’t announce that I was driving and taking pictures, but this is mannersandmars, so your going to have to deal with some (mars) out of the ordinary every now and again.


Speaking of unusual. How many people do you know have a pottery wheel? Me, None !

But when I was in high school, I REALLY Wanted one. I’m not sure which excuse was given when I finally gave up asking for one.

The Smicksburg Pottery had some very unique pieces and I encourage you to visit them someday.


Keeping with lost dreams. I had to laugh when I saw this at the furniture store, because I had always pictured my kitchen with a huge pantry and huge table with country style decorations, Amish even (lol). I guess I let the dream go with I feel in love with the ‘John’ that I did, and then there is reality of our life that we have made. Which I wouldn’t change for anything.


Our Emmett absolutely loves popcorn, his favorite, kettle corn. He was amazed that they were making it right in front of his eyes.


There was fall cookie decorating for the kiddos. For only $1.00 I figured that I could help and we would get a pretty cookie for E. DSCN6008

^ The finished product.

Happy Fall Everyone !!


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