September 2013

on September 29, 2013

Life has flown by quite quickly these days, it seems like yesterday we were saying goodbye to August. Now we have started to embrace fall, my favorite time of year. I wanted to share some memories from our September.


Rachel one of my best friend’s little boy, Nolan turned two this month.

They had a train-themed party. You can check out her blog over at floral and fudge.

I feel so blessed to be apart of Rachel and Nolan’s life. We met through our MOPS Group. Emmett and Nolan have became great friends and are exactly 8 weeks apart.

mops for blog

Speaking of… MOPS has started back up this year, and the first meeting was such a blessing. Everyone had a wonderful time socializing and I’m looking forward to many more fun meetings.

The MOPPETS had a blast too. I didn’t get any pictures 😦 But our wonderful MOPPET Coordinator, dressed up as a clown and had face painting, circus party. It’s going to be an awesome year!


I am always organizing and trying to find the best way to use our space.

This month, I moved our kitchen table into the “dining room,” which is really the back of our living room… We actually love it out there and our kitchen has much more room to cook. I love doing things that make our home feel more ‘homey.’


Emmett’s new favorite snack is popcorn. Unfortunately he doesn’t like to use the bowl all the time. So our new couch gets it’s fair share of vacuum time! 🙂


Friday Night was such a blessing! It was “Date Night (as a fundraiser).” A small idea that came to our MOPS Group that has been a huge blessing, both financially and for those involved…

We are killing two or three birds with one stone, so to speak, Mom’s and Dad get alone time and our Kiddo’s get a play-date. Everyone wins. It truly is a blessing to be the sitter too, I get to see Emmett playing with the other kids and seeing other people’s kids imagination is AWESOME, to say the least.

< Matthew

Such a sweet little boy. He would randomly come over to me and give me a hug. Emmett didn’t know what to think of that.



Emmett loved his tractor riding experience with his Uncle Joe.


Daddy would flip if he knew this picture was in print.

Emmett was a great little helper when I was working in the shop a day this month. We accomplished two perms, two hair cuts, and a shampoo and set all in one afternoon. I was a proud Mama of a ‘big’ little boy.


Happy Boy with his bedtime, popcorn snack.

coleson's bday blog

Briana, another best friend, celebrated the birth of her oldest, Coleson. Yesterday was his Third Birthday Science Party. We got to wear our science glasses and make a bouncy ball, lava lamp, and ice cream. There was also a pop bottle volcano experience. Emmett wasn’t as well behaved as I would of liked, but he had lots of fun. We found out that Briana’s sweet grandma and Emmett share a birthday, and she too had her babies on their due dates.

Briana and I also met through MOPS and she is the reason I gave it a second meeting before deciding if it was something for me. She is to thank for a lot of changes in my life since then, though I don’t think she knows it.


Finally, today we went to McDonald’s for a Mommy & Emmett Date.
It gets me every time, but I love the fact the my son always wants his fruit and vegetables first.

As we are getting ready to flip our calendar and fully embrace fall, I want to wish all of your good health and happy memories. November will be here before we know it.


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    Great read! 🙂

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