Summer Time Construction (Part 2)

on September 18, 2013

Almost a month ago, I put a post up about our garage tear down and shed construction, for those that were waiting for the Part 2 here it is.

We didn’t just stop at the garage project this year.  My husband and I went all out and put up the fence that we have been wanting for years. Our neighbors put up a wire fence the day we move in and it was needless to say, it was hard to get along with. It cut me and fell on me as I tried to mow by it, for it was right on the line. And it really didn’t make a great sight for our outdoor pictures, so finally we had the extra money and went for it.


As you can see I helped… I was the ladder holder while Steven cut off the poles to height.

The fence actually went up quite fast with the exception of the last three pieces. But thanks to Steven’s brother, Adam, it all worked out and we were very happy with our project.

fence number 2

The finish yard is very homey and I’m excited to have many cookouts and future football games in it.


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