Summer Time Construction (Part 1)

on August 24, 2013

As many of you know between gardening, life and “projects” summer can be busy. In June our outside life was not only busy, but messy and under construction, thus all the ’inside’ posts.

When we bought our house in July of 2008, the drive way was interesting and we have since expanded it and added a wall. Additionally, our garage was falling in from the time we bought our house so we had it dug out, so it didn’t cause damage.

Life sure changed in November of 2011, priorities switched, a wall and garage being ‘dug’ out, until we had enough $ to tear it down AND build another one… All seemed like too much to ask for with a little one learning to walk, run and wanting to play outside.

This year we decided that it would be utterly impractical to save as much as we need to both tear down and build in the same year. So we came up with a ’completed’ plan. Completed meaning, to me, it looks complete for now, and if we so choose to change it or build a big garage in the future then so be it.

garage before -4- blog
As you can see there was a lot of work to do before the demolition. We truthfully did not know we owned that much stuff. Just try completely emptying your garage some day and see what you come up with. 🙂

garage during -4- blog
Emmett was so impressed with the equipment and machines outside, he did nothing but look out a window for a few days, we commented it was better than an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Jake, his puppy, was right with him the whole time too !

We all stood on the porch to watch the garage coming down and I actually video taped it. Emmett was concerned, he undoubtedly did not want our garage to ’fall over.’

garage during part 2 -4- blog
As to be sure not to have the ‘falling-in’ problem since our concrete garage did, we chose a huge block wall. I don’t think it’s going anywhere.
As well as the tear down of the garage we needed the completed look to be finished THIS year, so we chose a metal shed. One which my husband and I put together the following days off.

My husband, Steven, has since informed me that I’m not allow to have anymore ’plans’ because the “last” one took him three days to put together.
We probably should of hired a sitter to come to the house or put Emmett in daycare for the time we needed to focus on the shed. He was stealing Steven’s tools, and wanting us to play the whole time. We should have been able to finish in a day and a half.

We did have my Gram come over the one day and hang out because he simply couldn’t and didn’t want to be out in the heat any longer. I did not blame him. It was HOTT !

garage after -4- blog
We love our shed. It is simply the perfect size. Steven’s workbench, our toys and supplies fit just perfectly. And as you can see we have planted grass behind the big garden in the back. We are hoping to have normal growth of our grass by next summer.

We could never thank our excavator enough for doing exactly what we wanted and more.


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