Organization 101

on June 29, 2013

By no means am I a professional organizer or perfect mother, but I have had life experiences and have truly been trying to be a more organized in my house. This was my new years resolution for years before I had a little one running around.

Adding a child to the mix really changes the meaning of organization. I have found that when my house is clean and organized I’m happier and more relaxed. That may sound weird to some but it’s just my individual outlook.

I’ve also been inspired by a fellow friend to further evaluate my life priorities and being organized really is at the top of this, simply because it is easier to focus on what is “truly” important when you don’t have to worry about the ‘housework.’

Also very inspiring: two new blogs I’ve found. and

I encourage you to visit them both, follow and allow their posts to change your life as they did mine. Or at least change the way you look at life.


The idea that you do a few little things everyday had never really occurred to me. It was either all perfect or all a mess and it wasn’t one of those beautiful messes that good moms have either. !!!


And taking the do a little something each day a little further, with this free printable, I changed it up a little to fit my week.

My favorite thing about this new lease on life is doing one load of laundry per day. More some day’s, but the idea of never having that heap of laundry that takes three days to accomplish and never being done… Is the best thing I got rid of yet.

On the side I’ve been trying to do bigger organization projects. Organizing pictures for storage & scrap booking. Organizing my paper mess (filing cabinet). Organizing my craft items. Organizing is my newest hobby. 🙂 thanks to Ginny & Becky


Newest craft organization. ^

How do you organize ??



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