10 Things I’ve Learned

on June 29, 2013

Life is short. We shouldn’t waste time following rules that kill time. Just ones that save time, make memories & provide you with more blessings to come.

• Let them be little. If its sleeping in the middle, helping or just experiencing something new that they maybe insist on; like carrying the bathroom hairbrush around the house.


• Set the breakfast table before you go to bed. I don’t know about your house but mine is (sometimes) crazy in the mornings. This saves about 15 minutes of running around gathering everything. You just need to grab food and drink and your ready to relax to get your morning fuel.


• Pray Always and Always with your children. In the morning, before nap or bed, at meals & in the car. They will remember something that happened a lot growing up and definitely come back to it.

• Watch cartoons with your kids. Cartoons brings out the kid in us and if you pick the right ones your child should be learning Something !! Mind you this isn’t an event that should last too long 😉

• Cut your fruits and veggies up the day you buy them (the ones you can). This saves time in dinner and snack prep, and you’re more likely to make healthy choices more regularly.


• Spend some time alone, even if its only a little. Before you were dad/mom, husband/wife, & son/daughter,etc. you were Yourself. You need time to reflect on that, it makes you a better everything listed above.

• Let your kids eat what they want they will eventually grow to like more things. But for now (toddler years) eating peanut butter on EVERYTHING is just fine. 🙂


• Go to church. No matter your religion you should believe in something bigger than yourself. Going to church is a good character builder and friend maker for both children and adults. You may need to live out your faith too. We all know that there are trials and tribulations in this world and having a base before they come is key to success.

• Plant a garden or at least a plant. Something about growing something from a seed that just reminds you how lucky we are to have such abundance. Plus fresh stir fry or chili with the ‘fresh’ veggies is always better.


• Take some time. At least once a week GO UNPLUGGED. Even if its only for a few hours. The need plug-in technology in this world has gotten enormous. Getting back to the simple life is just what the doctor ordered sometimes.

~I hope my experiences has helped and blessed you further.

~What are something’s you’ve learned ??


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