Looking Back

on March 7, 2013

As Easter is upon us again I would like to take a minute and look back.

Easter season 2010:
I was recouping from my second of five kidney surgery’s that year… the second being the worst. I was discharged from the hospital late Saturday afternoon and that was our first year hosting Easter, for our family, in our house that we purchased back in 2008.

My husband was such a doll. He started re-arranging the living areas so we could all have a nice sit down meal the second he got me settled. As I watched it became real to me what I had just been through. Eleven days in the hospital, close to death a time too many, wasn’t exactly my idea of fun.

I joked that all the pain was preparing me to have a baby, because until then I was a BIG BABY with pain of any kind.

Easter dinner went off without a hitch. As we counted our blessings and thanked the Lord for all that his has done and all that he was going to do.

happy easter

Easter season 2011:
I sure bit my tongue because much to my surprise… We were pregnant !! Something I had almost given up on being ! March 1, 2011 the test was positive !! So Easter was extra special as we were celebrating what was new to come in the next 7 months !!

31 week sonogram

Easter season 2012:
Five months had past since our little Emmett had joined us. Steven, my husband, had been back to working as much as possible and I was in full swing full time Mommy mode! Easter was such a special time enjoying Emmett, with his basket and playing with the eggs. We decided to not do the egg hunt this year, being the he really had no idea what was going on and Steven was ‘off to work.’ But… We did watch with amazed 5 month old eyes and it must have been exhausting (see below).

FatherSon Time Before our Big Day !

FatherSon Time Before our Big Day !

Nap time after the egg hunt !!

Nap time after the egg hunt !!

Therefore as we look ahead to March 31st, Easter 2013. I can’t help but get excited !!! Emmett will be hunting eggs, and running around with the other kids, and eating more than breast milk! It is amazing how things can change in just one year’s time…

Looking back on the last three years really set things into perspective… I wouldn’t want my life any other way.

The adventures and challenges that we have face makes us who we are and I’m thankful for all that has formed me. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our family next year.

Thank you Lord for all that you have done and all that you are going to do !


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