The Child In My Life

on February 21, 2013

The Child In My Life

I am heavy hearted today. With so many people in conflict and turmoil both close to me and in the world… and the weather doesn’t help… I am all for having fun on the 4-Wheeler and sled riding, but I am truly ready for the warm up and the beauty of the flowers to be revealed.

Recently there have been conflicting events going on around us and it makes me evaluate our surroundings as well as the people in our midst. Through this analyzing I’ve came up with the following:

No matter what anyone thinks of me I’m proud of who I’m becoming as a mother, wife, daughter and friend.

I’m blessed to be the SAHM that I am and to have a husband that will stick by me no matter what (even when we aren’t in high spirits with each other, at the time).

I am going to let the judgments both silent and vocal go over my head… What I (and my husband) choose to do is what we have to live with and we are truly happy with our lives the way it is.

And finally I am here to protect and raise our son in the best most positive way I know how, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

So… With that being said my husband and I have decided to cut all toxic people out of our lives for good… There is no going back and saying sorry it will change and then turning around in a few months and doing all the “same old” steps over again.

I’m not about to let my son grow up around unstable people that could go unhinged at any point. We have no dilemmas with our decision and look forward to the events we have planned for our son in the coming year.

I truly hope that everyone is having a good year thus far – ‘2013’ is really going to be “the year.” It can be “your year” for whatever you would like to happen -make it happen.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts and life concerns. This blog really helps me clear my head and there is nothing really more to it, I wish I were more entertaining at times, but this is just me… wife.mother..lover…friend.daughter..sister…crafter.reader..blogger…and we can add couponer for fun too !



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