Happy New Year

Wow 2012 is already over. What a year it was… It doesn’t seem possible but a year ago today I had an almost 2 month old…. And he’s almost 14 months… it’s amazing how much a child can learn, do and grow in the matter of a year.

Since Christmas our world has been a big blur… Emmett ended up in the ER last night… We are very thankful that he doesn’t have pneumonia… He does have a viral thing and bronchiolitis… he was given a steroid RX… which seems to be helping. He slept 7 hours IN HIS CRIB when we got home ! We were overjoyed. And this morning I ran to town to get his RX filled and while I was in there grabbed a few things so I don’t have to go shopping unless I actually have time this week. He seems to like his crib again because he is back in there napping !! So thankful we are on the mend in the Long household… Now if I could lonely get Steven caught up on his sleep. Much like laundry, I think that task is Never Ending.

As 2013 is soon-to-be in full swing, many thoughts run through my head (and if you know me this is really not an unusual occurrence). Thoughts of the future, what hold for our marriage and family as well as the economy and the financial future. I think I will just start off the year trying to get our house found from the events of this last week and move my office downstairs.

I want to wish all my friends, family, and follows a safe, happy and healthy New Year !! May 2013 be everything you hope and dream for.

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