Hello WordPress

I am very new to the blog community. A new friend of mine has one and blogging just seems so interesting, and enjoyable. I thought I would share in the fun.

December is coming to an end, and as usual by brain is racing and full. I think it is about time for a change in life or at least an evaluation. By the way of all the thoughts I have arrived to the following conclusion about myself: 

I am a mother… I try to find balance for my family. I try to provide love, support and encouragement for my family. I try to understand what my child and husband do not say aloud. My pay is when I see my child is genuinely happy and I love it… I may not be the richest, most beautiful person. I may have not done everything right or made everyone happy in my lifetime, but when it comes to this job… I feel as though just being a mom is the most right thing I have ever done. I have gained so much being a mother and I can’t wait to see what else God has in the making for me; as I try to be the Mother and Wife that My family Needs !!

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